Sunday, 21 October 2012

Warm days, Cold Days, Birthdays and The moon

So, here's catching up with a few photos taken over some time. Documentation of my life, but one's that haven't made it into a post of their own!

A last minute decision to go to a dress-up birthday meant that I got dressed in 30mins and rushed out into the night (to a bowls club)! Having recently watched the 5th season of Mad Men I was a little bit sixties inspired and, although it's not that standout, I was happy with what I was able to pull together.

dress: my housemate's
boots: my mum's old boots, which she got from e-bay
necklace: made from the chain of a necklace given to me, and a bracelet given to me by my nanna, many years ago
bead bracelet: bough from a market in America (originally bought it for my cousin, but fell in love with it and got her something different)

I feel the need to point out that this is not my room and hence, not my mess. ;)

Me trying to smile and take a picture. Evidently I find it hard to multitask.

The party was fun, but took ages to get to! I'm glad I ended up going. I had some good talks and caught up with a different crowd.

The weather is, as always, unsettled. It seems that it wants to be sunny and warm one day, and then the complete opposite the next.

The mid-morning sun streaming into my room!

And making it's way into the bathroom too!

The afternoon sun calls for lazy sun beam watching on the couch.

But then! The storm clouds come...

And I guess you saw the full moon a while back, it kept me up all night.

A bright guiding light. Safe adventures to all!

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  1. such a treat to see a pic of you! cutie patootie. sometimes last minute outfits are the best ones....and then there's when you rush out of the house and feel irritated all day because your outfit just isn't working for you...