Monday, 15 October 2012

Seeds and Light

As is usual for most weekend mornings, I went into my flatmates room to sit on her bed and talk about, oh, nothing in particular. This is what greeted me as I looked out the window. Sun, shining through the new green leaves. I love that bright, fresh colour of new growth, it's magical! With clumps of seeds hanging all over the tree, the promise of life.

Here I was tired and wanting to be home already, but I looked up and noticed one of the things I love about living in Melbourne. It's wide (low rise) streets. You can't really see it here, but many of the buildings are actually quite lovely. The light was perfect for the mood of the street. I think places have moods, don't they?

The sky! The colours! The light!

I just like the top of this building. I love copper. It defies the idea of new always being best. As it ages and weathers it only gets more beautiful, in a different way.

When tired and grumpy, I must remember to look around. :)

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