Friday, 5 October 2012

Spring Dresses, Spring Showers

Currently I am sitting in bed, listening to the tranquil pitter-patter of the rain outside.

I slept in after a late night with friends, drinking and talking - at times dancing. When I woke up my house was not as messy as I had anticipated it to be, and now I am having a slow morning. The air is cool and the light is soft. Later I think I might go to the movies and just sit and enjoy myself. :)

I've been wanting to see this ever since MIFF came to town, oh so long ago now...

. . .

Here is a photo of my first Spring dress for the season. No leggings! No cardigans! It's an exciting transition.

(I understand that this is a terrible outfit photo, but my excitement was too much! It was originally intended for my housemate, taken in her room too, who has been visiting Canberra for about a week now, but I will share it with you.)

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