Thursday, 25 October 2012

Connecting on Different Levels

Still sick, but determined to be with friends tomorrow for dancing and laughing. I'll just sleep lots tonight and not drink. I haven't really drunk alcohol all year, opting instead for mineral water, but recently I've not been so good. Just this last month I haven't been good.

Next door my neighbours at the 'groove pad' are playing T. Rex and it's making me jealous! I want to go knock on their door and ask to join in. One of the great things that my mum passed on to me was freedom through dance. To turn up the music and loose yourself in it. Music is so completely connected to emotion, and for me it's a spiritual thing. Like entering a new level feeling. Throughout my life my mum and I have danced together; as a baby she would hold me in her arms. As a toddler, coming back to her after staying with my dad, one of the first things we would do was play music, dance and just laugh together. Happiness, sharing the joy, and our love.

Have you noticed that when you dance with someone completely freely you become closer? Form a sort of bond. I have a few friendships that I can say have been strengthened through dance, haha!

Some of my friends say I dance like a 'hippy', but I don't think they really know what a 'hippy' is. Hippy is just a word that a lot of people say, and I think capitalism has stereotyped what 'hippy' is. Its become a brand that people use to sell, and to conveniently segregate a set of beliefs. I just dance how my mum taught me to. With no reservations.

The times I feel most alive are when in nature or when dancing.

Now my favourite T. Rex song, which I feel is strangely perfect for this post. :D

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