Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Joys of a Train Station

Tonight I sit sick in bed, but the other day, on the weekend, I wandered gleefully around in the spring brilliance.

Off to meet my team-mates (friends) for the 48 hour film contest, (a project that is now done and dusted!) I walked to the station to be met with this glorious sight.

The station had come alive with flowers and greenery!

I love this contrast of the ordinary and mundane with the beautiful and overgrown poking out.

And cacti! I don't know how they got there, but they were extraordinary and covered a whole portion on the hill!

Even lavender, which the bees were getting in on, and why wouldn't they? Such a lovely plant.

Getting down with the growth.

There was just so much of it. :)

Used to have some of these in my garden growing up, such great plants to play with and make all sorts of made-up witch's potions...

There's something about palm trees. So exotic, we don't have them in Canberra (too cold!) and they still strike me with their outlandish structure.

Oh here comes the train!

Last glimpse of the spectacle.

And off I go to the city! Thank-you world for this little, blissful, pick-up.

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  1. so much appreciation for showing us the mundane magic of an everyday afternoon! those moments waiting for trains are universal, and i'm glad you documented one.