Friday, 28 September 2012

Spring Awakening

While walking home yesterday afternoon I had an amazing experience. Although the sky had gone cloudy, the air was warm and the wind was blowing with a force that made walking a little more exciting. It was an afternoon charged with an electricity and my heart felt full.

I am often in a happy state of mind when I get to walk, because I feel like I notice things more. That I get to look around me and appreciate the wonder of the world, and I am constantly struck with how incredible this world we live in is.

As I walked a paramedic ambulance wizzed passed me, sirens ablaze and I instinctively worried, and sent out a message of hope for whomever the vehicle was intended.

The ambulance was parked a couple of blocks up, right outside the church. A few people were standing by, looking ready to help if required. As I came closer and slowed down to see if I could help a lady near by asked, "is it true? Is she really having a baby?"

It was true! This was not a misfortune, but the coming of a new life!

Spring was in action!

Continuing my walk home I could only feel more love for life, opening my arms wide to embrace it. There were dark clouds, but through them the sun shone, casting a warm glow over everything. Everything became illuminated in this light, it was the type of light where the world becomes golden. As if the spirits of the place had lit up! I thought this had to be a good sign for the future of this little person being born.

(There was a tree with weeping branches and I wanted to get right in close to it, surrounded by its leaves. This is what I saw from inside.) 

Details, normally precious in themselves, became even more special.

Smells were stronger, as the wind tossed them about.

Recently I suffered the loss of a close friend of mine. Experiencing the arrival of life after experiencing a death was a beautiful reminder of the cycle of things. While there is death, there is also life, and after death, life doesn't cease to be, in fact it keeps coming.

Life is hopeful - as is the coming of spring.

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