Monday, 24 September 2012

An exciting arrival!

The other day, Anna, a close and talented friend of mine finished and sent on down this glorious blanket. She knew of my love for all things crocheted, and she also knew that we desperately looking for another blanket (because our apartment has terrible insulation and it gets very cold in here!) She started when she came to see us in the new place and it has now arrived a couple of months later. :)

Anna's creation. It arrived at our door in a mysterious package. Isn't it beautiful? 

And it fits in quite well with this blankie. I picked this one up from an op-shop in the most glorious town called Takaka, on the north of New Zealand's South Island. Had been looking for one for ages, but they're usually so expensive. This one was $4, and then the lady reduced it to $2 for me because she was just a lovely person!

Although it's nearing the end of the cold months, the blanket is still being used very often (last night especially was quite cold!) and we're also having lots of fun admiring it in the house. A much loved new addition.

Thank-you Anna! Xxx.


  1. what a beautiful blanket! i love granny squares, is that what it's called? the great thing about them is you can have several in different colors and they all seem to "go".

    1. Hello, love the name granny squares. I just call them crocheted blankets (or crocheted blankies when it's cold - the word 'blankie' seems to add an extra level of coziness). I think I'll use granny squares instead though!