Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Laughed out loud remembering this today

Every time I'm watching something like a promo for Poldark and I listen to the words as if I'm coming to the show for the first time and I think about how wonderfully cliche the dialogue / scenarios in it are... this mini storyline from Gravity Falls always comes to mind. It's a different style of period drama to the ones I like to watch, but I super relate / love this SO MUCH!

I am so, so happy that Poldark is back! I love Demelza to bits, and am always hoping she'll have a scene where she sings. Also, how evil is Elizabeth these days? She's all, if I have to be unhappy and screwed over by the patriarchy then every other woman has to be as well! It's like, babe, you have the power to help people. I feel like it's eventually gonna click and then she'll swing into action, and I'll be watching going, 'no duuuuuuuuh Elizabeth'. I think this show never really knows what to do with Elizabeth. Like... Ross was completely horrible to her, so she's justifiably really angry with him, but she always seems really oblivious to things that everyone else cottons onto in a second. And I know part of that is because she's so isolated from the world as a gentlewoman, but I feel like the show just always puts her in this annoying role. It's so obvious how horrible George is, so like, she can be angry at Ross and that doesn't mean she has to be an ignorant baddie... At the end of the last episode she had this smug little smile on her face about making her cousin marry that huge pompous arse, and I'm like... why would she even have that emotion? It reads so false. I hate when they make women who have had shit handed to them into bitter, evil characters. C'mon Poldark, you can do better than a stereotype. But mostly I think it's that the show doesn't commit to Elizabeth's personality enough. She always does weird stuff without them giving proper context, or like, going into a better understanding of why a woman in her position would have to do the things she does. Please Poldark writers, give me a more sympathetic and realistic view into the world of Elizabeth!! I am so into how dramatic this show is, and I am really into melodrama, and melodramas and romances as female expression. Like, stories about women, dealing with their wants and desires, and mostly written by women. Maybe this is why Poldark is slightly off, source material was written by a man. Obviously women can write some truly sexist tripe too. But still, it's so good that woman still have a place to express their desires even if I don't agree with them. Also so many period dramas (my true love in life) are romance based, so it's a win-win!

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