Sunday, 3 July 2016

Recovering new ground

I haven't blogged for so long. I sort of had a turn at using tumblr, and so I started blogging there, but even that was quite short lived. For, maybe, nine months or so I even stopped reading my line up of favourite blogs regularly. It seems that now I am coming back so many of them have closed themselves off and made themselves 'private'. Maybe this is because they have stopped writing and no longer want their blogs just resting out in the inter-verse for just anyone to wander across. Maybe they only want people they know and love, and trust, invited into these spaces now. Maybe they are still writing (I hope so), but no longer want an unidentified audience. Both of these options make sense, and are understandable. Especially when there are so many personal stories and views shared; when friends and family are interwoven within.

While I can only respect and understand why these decisions must be made it does still leave me a little sad. I have enjoyed being let in by the dozens of amazing people... actually... yes, yes they are all women. By the dozens of amazing women who I read. I cherish these writers, often photographers and sharers, and so thank-you. I hope you don't all take off, and I hope more of you will come along.

That all being said, and I don't know how diligent I'll be, but my plan is to start blogging regularly again. To keep a record of my life I guess. A place to put down thoughts and observations, events, and to help better hold on to memories. I want to use this as a place to store some of my artistic expressions, and as a way to connect with others. Like I said before, I don't know how consistent I will be, but I hope to make this space somewhat constant in my life.

I included this photo because it is from a really happy day when I was in Sydney (Bondi in this photo) and got to see my sister. I live in Melbourne, so it's not often that I get up to see her, or the rest of my family who also live there. This is her. We tucked her dress into her undies so that it wouldn't get wet, as you can see, it kept coming out and the hem got well and truly soaked! We spent most of the time standing with our legs in the surf and I would lift her up, swinging her into the air, every time a big wave came to claim us. We both thought that this was great fun! She would shriek in delight and would wander around always expecting to be saved from the waves, which she always was, and this was actually fun for me too. A nice feeling to hold her close and rescue her just in time while we both laughed away together. I love this cheeky-monkey-girl so much! It is with her sense of joy and spirit that I began again here. :)

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